WPS Button Location on AT&T Router | Where to Find

This post concerns the WPS button. We’ll discuss the “WPS location” on AT&T’s router.

Before we can discuss where to find the WPS button on an Antti router, we must first know what an AT router is.

What is an ATT network router?

This is a device used to transmit data packets across computer networks.

What equipment do you need to rent, buy or lease when selecting an Internet service provider?

You can choose from better options for your ATT internet plan.

You can rent WiFi gateways for a low monthly rate.

Functions for an ATT router

There are 5 main functions to an ATT Router.

It brings internet access to your home. It brings internet to your home.

It transmits signals all over the house for full-time wifi

It allows you to connect four wired devices inside your home

It also includes a security system that will protect your computer from viruses or malware.

It can also check your computer’s health and much more.

ATT routers make use of clever WiFi technology to choose the best and fastest connection for you. It gives you more internet access.

You can either hire a professional to install your ATT router or you can set it up yourself.

To avoid damage, be sure to read the ATT selfinstallation guide.

What is the location of the WPS switch on the AT router?

The WPS buttons are a padlock on router’s front panel that has signal waves around.

It is important to note that there are two types WPS buttons on the ATT router.

They include: You will find it on the router. It can be found on the router via a button. The symbol can be described as a padlock, with signal waves surrounding it.

Virtual WPS buttons: The name suggests that it is virtual. It is found on the computer. To be able to use the router’s interface, an ethernet connection is required.

Here are the steps. — Go to Start button/ Windows Logo. — Goto all Programs

— Click on Accessories. Select Command prompt. Type in ipconfig then hit the enter key.

Please note the default gateway address. All windows should be closed and you can launch any browser (Any Browser). — Type your usual gateway location in the address line.

— Enter your router’s default password (look for it on either the back panel or the bottom of your router).

Look for Add WPS server option in the user interface.

Click Next to select Push Button.

Select your WiFi name and WPS settings from your printer.

Click on the padlock icon at your router’s Interface to turn it on.

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