What Does the Red Heart Mean on Snapchat? See Answer

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re probably wondering what the red heart on Snapchat means! The answer is simple: it means that your friend has added you as a friend. That sounds like an easy question to answer, but if you want to know where the heart came from or how to use it, read this blog post about all of the things that can happen when two friends chat on Snapchat!

You may or may not know what a red heart on Snapchat means, but don’t worry! I’ll explain.

If you’re an active user of this app and see some emojis appear before your chats with friends- it is important that they actually have meaning instead just being there for decoration as we all understand how these days people tend to put anything anywhere even if there isn’t any significance behind them whatsoever (sounds familiar?).

An example would be when someone sends out one single snap which will show up in their conversation along side other smiling faces from different conversations he/she has had over time – thus creating “snap streaks”. This signifies the lengthiest period between interactions so far: usually reflects how long ago somebody last

For those of you who have been best friends with someone for two weeks straight, this heart signifies your marked territory. The person would be considered as being taken by their possessive love and loyalty towards the one they care about most in life!

I hope that I answered your question about what the red heart on Snapchat means. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below!

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