Violation entered has been flagged as deleted

If you tried to pay your parking ticket and got the error message that “violation entered has been flagged as deleted”

Get in here to find out what you can do on your part.

On the NYC department website, I remember trying to pay my parking ticket, but I received an error message that said “violation entered has been flagged for deletion.”

Having no idea what exactly this meant, I thought I didn’t have to pay. I figured that I needed to find out what this meant and how I could resolve things. Considering the literal meaning, I thought maybe I did not. But was I right?

What does “violation entered has been flagged as deleted” mean?

If you’re not an expert in city government codes, then you might need some context to figure out what “violation entered has been deleted” actually means.

You may encounter this error when entering your violation number on the NYC website or when paying a red light ticket. This is not an issue that needs to be taken seriously.

violation entered has been deleted means No ticket

Why does this happen?

It’s hard to imagine someone purposely deleting a car ticket, but the truth is that these tickets are not created equal. It turns out that certain violations are not actually deleted, they are flagged. The flag disappears if you complete the process for the error.

I never actually went to the Department of Finance website to look at the tickets. What I did do was use Google to look at parking tickets. I typed in “parking ticket with error” and the first result was the Department of Finance website. It turns out, people that had the “expiration dates” option entered on their tickets received a warning that their parking tickets had expired. It also turns out that people that had their time zone changed on the ticket received a warning that their ticket had expired.

Can you pay your parking ticket if it says “violation entered has been flagged as deleted”

The answer is “no.”

  • Sorry, the violation number you entered doesn’t seem to be correct. But please try again and make sure you enter the number correctly.
  • You must always keep your parking ticket on the dashboard of the car or at home. If it blows away, it’s more difficult to find!
  • We suggest you wait a few days and then check back again, because the information might not appear for some time.
  • Unlike paying windshield tickets twice, do not pay this ticket again.

What did I do?

I didn’t have time to pay the right amount, so I just paid the daily maximum of $60 and expected to come back in a week or so to take care of it.

What if you received an “undeliverable to” email?

If you have an “undeliverable to” email, you may be able to pay your parking ticket. You can simply call 311 and ask for a help center agent who can help you.

If you did have the undeliverable to email, please try to contact the nearest city garage to see if they have been able to process the ticket.


If you try to pay your parking ticket and get the error message that “violation entered has been flagged as deleted” that means, to put it simple: if it’s deleted, it’s dismissed.

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