V5 Inc Ret Ps on TD Bank Statement – What it Means

What does v5 inc ret ps mean in your TD bank statement? You might be curious. That is why I’m writing this post. So if you have any questions related to this or other related topics, make sure you read on.

In my research, I found that there wasn’t much information on v5 inc ret ps. So, I decided to compile it here in one place so you can digest it easily.

v5 inc ret ps is a warning code, so read between the lines to avoid missing anything out!

The thing is, whenever you see that code, it translates into something, and until you understand what it is you will continually be alarmed, especially if you cannot pinpoint where the charge came from.

People who have been through this have shared their thoughts on a number of online forums in quest of knowing more about it.

V5 Inc Ret Ps – Meaning

Should you still be unsure after reading this page, feel free to reach out to TD Bank customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to call them.

As such, the v5 inc ret ps simply means that a check deposit was attempted, but it bounced. “V5 Inc Ret PS” is likely to show up in your bank statement if the check was returned or if the writer of the check halted it.

Your account statement does not constitute an unauthorized transaction so you do not need to worry. This is an expected occurrence in your account, and there is no way for unauthorized activity to occur.

In the event that it does, though the likelihood is not high, you can keep track of whose account the money goes to and be able to find out the final destination.

Nevertheless, in most cases, it is best to contact your provider whenever you notice something strange on your statement. In this way, everything will be explained in detail to you.

You will have a better understanding of the implications of v5 inc ret ps next time you have it reflecting on your statement since you already know what it means.

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