Top 10 Best Eevee Evolution Pokemon go 2021


Best Eevee Evolution Pokemon go

There are some Pokemon that have been around for a long time, and there are some that have only just arrived. Eevee is one of the latter, but it’s already made its mark on the world with plenty of different evolutions to choose from. This article will take you through what we think are the best 10 Eevee Evolution Pokemon go 2021!

The Rock Eevee

Did you know? Rock Eevee are virtually immune to status effects like paralysis and poison. Why is this? Because it can grow strong claws, drill into rock, and to reduce that (unfairly) steep health cost. Rock Eevee’s moveset includes Rock Slide and Rock Jolt which are effective at taking out opponents. Jolt is particularly good because you can use it in mid-air, so even if the opponent manages to block Jolt, you’ll have the chance to fire a powerful Focus Blast to KO them. Its Normal and Special moves are just as good as its evolved forms, and all of these are capable of dealing a KO blow if you need to take out a pesky enemy. Fire-type opponents can expect a ground-based Bite attack, and cold-types can expect a freezing Rock Slide.

The Scizor Eevee

Eevee evolves from Vaporeon as a symbol of vigor and bravery. This Eevee is both strong and super-fast! It’s also able to boost its attacks in battle and as a result, the skill for this Pokemon is super-rare. Starting skills are puddle jump, which makes the Pokemon dash faster, +dodge and +cunning (raise defense when facing water). It also has a super-strong evolution called Sea Breeze. That’s why this Pokemon is so rare, as it can only evolve one time in the game. Will it evolve into: Lickitung Oddish Oranguru Kangaskhan Tyranitar Krabby Landorus Ghastly Golem Rhyperior Armaldo Bonesaw Genesect Zapdos Genesect evolves from Eevee as the legendary Pokemon of the stars, and this is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

The Flareon Eevee

Eevee’s Red and Blue evolutions look set to be very popular because of their unusual black and yellow colouring. As such, the Flareon is a logical choice to evolve this Eevee into. It seems obvious that the more flamboyant of the two would be the better choice for evolution, and because of the hyper speed and attacks of Flareon, it seems to have the advantage on offence. The Vaporeon Eevee While the Flareon can have the flashy moves, the Vaporeon is considerably slower and relies on laying a solid line of defence. As such, the Vaporeon should be an easy choice for this evolution because of its ability to create barriers with water.

The Umbreon Eevee

As Umbreon was the first Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon Go, we should start our list here. Umbreon is a Dark/Dark-type Pokémon, so it isn’t really the most complex evolution, but it’s still a good one. What makes Umbreon unique is that it’s said to only attack when it’s under a certain condition, which is called the Darkness Factor. Dark attacks you when you’re weak, so you can play it safe if you choose this Pokemon. With this in mind, Umbreon is a great choice for beginners, as it’s a no-nonsense starter. For the most powerful Evolutions, you have to put more thought into it. Espeon is faster, which you’ll want if you plan on playing very competitively, so if that’s you, then you might want to go with Espeon.

The Glaceon Eevee

Glaceon is a Psychic-type Pokemon that can manipulate ice and has water type moves. It is most similar to Pikachu, being a cute looking little Pikachu, but with more bulk. It comes with the Ice Stone moves, and has a very similar move set to Umbreon. It’s even cute enough that it comes with a Eevee Friend item, so you can use this little buddy when you’re taking a breather from battle. Price: $14.99 Level: 100 Fusion Drive: Eevee Eevee’s key ability, Fuse, allows it to fuse its main and ultimate power into a single move. Eevee’s ultimate power is the Ice Fang, which is a powerful hit move that has a decent hold up damage factor, but some of the strongest power is found in its ultimate, Ice Fang, which can quickly KO most Pokemon in a single hit.

The Vaporeon Eevee

Spotted in Laverne’s gym, Vaporeon is the first Eevee evolution after being released as an evolution from its Shiny form. This particular evolution will look very much like how Vaporeon looked prior to being granted the Holographic Form back in September. There’s nothing wrong with Vaporeon in its basic form, but the following evolution brings some interesting new features that will make for an interesting addition to the Eevee roster.

The Jolteon Eevee

First up we have the Jolteon, Eevee’s main evolution that doesn’t appear in the game yet. The Jolteon first arrived as an Eevee analogue in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and it was later given its own evolutions into Flareon and Vaporeon. The Jolteon is an agile Pokemon that excels at close combat. It can quickly charge up and unleash the Energy Ball in one go, or as part of a combo. Its Aurora Beam looks especially cool in the dark, and you can set them up to throw any of their six individual attacks. The Flareon Eevee Then there’s the Flareon evolution which only arrived in Pokemon Go back in April. The Flareon evolved in the Sinnoh region and can use its Solar Beam to take out any foe. The Vaporeon Eevee Finally, there’s the Vaporeon.

The Espeon Eevee

Evolution Version 1: Espeon Espeon evolution Eevee is not just a cool looking Pokemon, it can also get to level 20 and be even stronger than it was before. It has a so-called Pursuit attack, which gives it powerful close quarter combat skills, but only lasts for a short amount of time. It’s not easy to use Pursuit, however, so you should hold off if you have a lot of confidence in your Espeon. Evolution Version 2: Espeon+ Espeon+ is a perfect combination of the first Espeon, and a fully evolved Eevee. The little Eevee head is the same, but instead of the beige and pink Espeon evolutions go for the brown and tan pattern.

The Leafeon Eevee

Leafeon is also part of the Evolution tree, and is the easiest of the 10 to obtain. It’s a very pretty Pokémon, so don’t be put off by its simplicity. It’s probably the most balanced and reliable Eevee in the game. Leafeon evolves into Glaceon, Jolteon and Flareon. Jolticolo Jolticolo is the final Pokémon in the Evolution tree. It looks scary, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the strongest Pokemon in the game. Jolticolo evolves into Braviary, Starmie and Valor! Fire type Starmie Starmie is one of the best of the water type and will generally deal with both water and electric type Pokemon with relative ease. It can also hold its own in other types too, just because it’s such a strong Pokemon. Starmie evolves into Vaporeon!

The Sylveon Eevee

Sylveon Eevee Evolves into this lovely Sylveon, who is a Psychic/Flying type. It’s a lot of work and quite emotional to change one’s Eevee into a Sylveon, but having a shiny Sylveon would make owning one much more impressive. Espeon Espeon is a Water/Dark type, so it’s a fairly balanced Pokemon. It can endure both freezing and boiling temperatures without any apparent ill effects. With its natural team-building ability, this is a great Pokemon to have in your party. Vaporeon With a slightly faster move speed than average, Vaporeon is a water type Pokemon that’s definitely got a nice unique twist to it. This is great for traveling between Gyms and is also a great move-set for more defensive Pokemon, because Vaporeon is difficult to attack from range.

What are your thoughts on the top 10 best Eevee evolution Pokemon go 2021? Are you looking to catch all of them, or do you have a favorite that’s not listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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