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The USPS is a trusted and reliable company that has been around for over 200 years. However, many of their customers have reported receiving a notification from a company called “rapid enterprises inc/ stamps” despite never having ordered any shipment from them.

What is rapid enterprises inc/ stamps?

Rapid Enterprises Incorporated was established in 2012 to use a zero-billing commercial model to operate a postage vendor in the United States. This is a model that has been applied to countless other products and services in the past few years, and it is unfortunately proving to be very successful for them.

Their service model, through which they “offer to store and issue postage stamps and related materials on a short-term basis on the customer’s behalf”, eliminates any financial risk for businesses in the event they receive a delivery of defective postage and also pays the postage and stamp fee that the customer will have been charged if it had been delivered.

Rapid Enterprises Inc.

Why are people receiving rapid enterprises inc/ stamps?

Many people on the internet have reported receiving these email notifications. However, they have no history with the USPS and were never a client of their.

The only possible way this would have even worked is if Rapid enterprises Inc was able to get a password for a dead email account that belongs to the USPS. We are able to create a password for any domain that we know the password for. We also know all of the previous emails sent out by the USPS, which we used to track down these messages.

As the dead account is apparently still active, we can send an email out every 24 hours to re-activate the account and send them another notification. The problem is, all emails sent out would go to an email box, which could not be accessed by anyone other than Rapid enterprises Inc.

What do I do if I receive rapid enterprises inc/ stamps?

If you get a notification email from a company that you never intended to purchase any goods from, you can follow these steps:

Contact USPS about the suspicious email. Send a reply to the email that asks for a tracking number so you can follow up. Contact the USPS and ask to stop any mail delivery to the address. Provide any information regarding the parcel. If you receive a legitimate USPS notice, please follow the steps outlined above.

How can I avoid this scam?

If you receive any email, request a tracking number and then never receive the package you’re expecting from the company, it may be a scam. It’s best to follow these steps to avoid the scam.

How to avoid receiving rapid enterprises inc/ stamps in the future?

First, ensure you’re actually on the list. Open your spam folder, and search “USPS delivery confirmation”. The messages from “rapid enterprises inc/ stamps” should be contained inside this folder.

If the message is indeed from USPS, you’ll notice that it contains an email from a “Trosili Isaac, Postal Surcharge Revenue Controller, Customer Service Division”

At this point, you have several options. You can simply ignore it and keep forwarding the emails to USPS.

You can also go to the USPS and click the link that “appears” to be a delivery confirmation. If it works, you should receive a more detailed delivery notification email.

If the link doesn’t work, you can file a formal complaint on the USPS Website. This way you’ll be able to complain about both of the parties involved.


Rapid enterprises is a mailing and shipping service that can deliver customized products from your home to almost anywhere in the world. However, while their fees are reasonable, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

If you are looking for a quality, high-quality service, then this is not the company for you.

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