Directv Com 722 Error Code | How To Fix

You or someone you know may have seen something like “Error Code 722” while watching DirecTV. Do not panic!

This code does not mean your DirecTV is having a serious problem or that an electrician needs to be consulted.

The 722 error code can be fixed in your own home and in a matter of minutes.

Before we get to the solution, let’s first understand why this error code keeps appearing on your TV screen.

Any of these could be why your TV screen displays the 722 Error Code every time you try to view a DirecTV channel:

Your service has ended: The 722 error code is usually displayed when you use DirecTV. It is easy to fix this particular issue with software. All you have to do to fix it is to restart your receiver.

Bugs: These are errors that occur in coding. They can cause programs to produce unexpected results, which can lead to an error code appearing on your screen.

Channel not included in your programming plan: If your package doesn’t include or cover the channel that you want to watch, this code could also appear on your screen.

No programming information: In order to be able watch any channel, DirecTV must contain some programming information. Without programming information, the 722 error code will be displayed whenever you attempt to view the channel.

An error code may also occur if there is no signal from DirecTV.

Incorrect card insertion. If the DirecTV Card isn’t correctly or properly inserted into the decoder it will not work. Instead, all channels will display “Error code 722.

You should not unplug the electric cord for too long. DirecTV might lose authorization if the cord is left unplugged for too long. If this happens, DirecTV will display an error code that will prevent you from watching any content.

Addition of new programming. Error code 722 will be displayed on your screen if new programming is added. This happens because DirecTV’s signal has been lost.

How to fix Directv Com 722 error code

The manual or online methods can be used to correct the error. Method 1.

Turn off the socket, then disconnect the plug for the Directv receiver

Plug it in, wait for 15 seconds, then turn it on again

Turn on your receiver, and then wait for it to reboot

Reboot your receiver

How to fix Directv Com 722 error code method 2

Visit to refresh the page

Refresh your service online

Follow these steps to refresh your service online:

My DirecTV-Manage Package-Manage Receivers-Refresh Receiver

You can also try these other methods if none of them work:

You should check that the card has been correctly inserted. If it is not, you can take it out and re-insert it as necessary.

Contact customer service to make a complaint. It is possible that the problem will be fixed once you have done this.

If the error occurs because you have not plugged your receiver’s electric cord for a while, plug it back into and get it reauthorized.

Reset the decoder if there is a problem with your signal. This will restore the signal.

This is all about the Directv com 722 errors and how to fix them, Hope it helps.

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