Craigslist Rhode Island – 10 Safety Tips to Avoid Scams

Craigslist is a website that facilitates the buying and selling of goods and services, it is a great place to find almost anything you need. It is an excellent resource for those with something to sell, but it isn’t perfect, it can also be a dangerous place. There are many scams and tricks that people will use to steal your money or personal information. Scams exist on Craigslist just as they do elsewhere on the internet. This blog post will provide 10 safety tips to avoid scams when using Craigslist Rhode Island.

Craigslist Rhode Island Safety Tips to Avoid Scams

• If you are selling, always meet in a public place during the daytime hours. Never go alone and never let them choose the location. Make sure your phone number is not showing when taking pictures of their product for sale. Photos should be taken from different angles so if they start asking for money up front, you can refuse.

• If possible, ask for proof of their identification before the meeting begins. Be extremely cautious if they are asking to meet in an out-of-the way or unusual location. Make sure it is a public place with other people around and never invite strangers into your home while alone no matter how nice they seem.

• Never give out your home address or the location of where you work. You should never meet in a secluded area, especially if it is outdoors and alone at night time. It’s best to stick with public places during daylight hours when possible. If they seem suspicious in any way, do not engage them and leave immediately without taking money from them.

• Craigslist is a public forum, meaning anyone can post on it and view the ads placed there. If you are selling something or posting an ad yourself, be sure to use caution when including personal information such as your email address and phone number in the description section of your ad. Use a generic email like Gmail instead of Yahoo or Hotmail so it can’t be traced back to you.

• If possible, don’t use Craigslist Rhode Island’s internal email system for anything other than contacting the site itself or other users on Craigslist Rhode Island. There are some cross-platform mobile apps that work with Gmail and similar websites so your emails cannot be read by any outside programs even if someone gains access to your phone.

• If you’re posting an ad yourself, Craigslist Rhode Island will never ask for any type of payment from you before the item has been sold. There is a section on their site where buyers and sellers with questions can chat live or through email with one another to make sure everything goes smoothly during transactions. Never send money via wire transfer or prepaid debit cards as this is how many scammers will get paid.

• Avoid Craigslist Rhode Island users that want to email you outside of the website itself and never send money via wire transfer or other non-reversible methods such as a Moneygram, Western Union or gift card/prepaid debit cards. If they claim to be from Nigeria it’s best to walk away immediately.

• If you’re buying something, never wire money via Western Union or Moneygram unless it’s through your bank which can require additional signatures before releasing funds outside of the account. Always make sure there are no hidden fees when wiring money and check with Craigslist Rhode Island about any other possible unknown charges that could occur during this process.

• If you’re selling something, the most common email you will receive is someone that claims to be from Nigeria or another country in Africa asking if they can wire money to your account for whatever reason. This is a scam and never send them any money via Western Union or Moneygram under any circumstances even if they claim it’s back taxes on a large sum of money or for another legitimate reason.

• If you’re buying something on Craigslist Rhode Island, always check the classified ad carefully before sending any type of payment to make sure it’s not fake. Scammers will copy and paste ads from other sources including text messages sent to your phone like spamming apps or email phishing software used by hackers.

• It’s best to walk away immediately if the email sounds suspicious in any way including claims of coming from Nigeria or other African countries which are known for scamming people online with these types of emails. If you’re unsure, contact Craigslist Rhode Island through their site and ask them directly about it before moving forward.

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