5 Best Uses of Clay in Minecraft: Tips and Tricks

Minecraft clay

Minecraft is a game that continues to grow in popularity. One of the many reasons for its success is the fact that players are able to create their own worlds and structures using blocks. Minecraft clay can be used as an excellent building material, but it also has other purposes. In this blog post, we will talk about 5 ways you can use clay in Minecraft!

Clay Blocks

One of the most common uses for clay is to make blocks. Clay blocks can be either built with or without the use of any other material. Clay can also be used to create walls in Minecraft. This can be handy for walls in outdoor environments, for rooms in which you want to create a safe place to play and store food, or for protecting something important. Clay can also be used to make fences. A fence can be made from any texture or block type, but the height, length and width of your fence must be the same as the texture block. One method of building a fence is to construct two alternating octagonal sides, and then make the corners using two of the outer blocks. Using clay, you can also create arrows.

Clay as a building material

Clay as a building material

Building blocks are the staples of Minecraft, but they do have their uses outside of the game. Clay can be used to make blocks in Minecraft, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The blocks you are looking for will be a mix of red brick, wood, block, stone, metal and obsidian. Red brick is useful because it is flat and not crooked. It’s a commonly used building material in Minecraft. Metal blocks are well-suited to creating ramps, railings, ramps, pillars, fences and platforms. If you’re using cobblestone, make sure you take out all the knotholes. Blocks without knotholes are unstable. You can use regular metal to make slabs. You can make stairways with cobblestone and have to be careful not to ruin your structure when you leave the minecart tracks.

Clay for decoration

Clay can be used in Minecraft to decorate your buildings, for example to paint a fence or a wheel arch. Be creative and pick a block that resembles a traditional item, for example a farm animal, or a plant. If you use the superglue mod, you will be able to add a smile to your mud brick wall. Using Clay as paint Using the superglue mod, you can use clay to paint your bricks. If you want to go a step further and paint the walls and doors, make sure you place a shiny brick on the wall to represent the sky. Clay for creating walls Using the sanding block, you can create a brick wall by simply sticking the sandy block onto the plain ones and pressing the walls to create your own wall.

Clay for crafting

In Minecraft, the use of clay as building material is incredibly simple. In most cases, you will just need to dig a hole, fill it with water, then fill the hole with clay (don’t forget to cover the hole with dirt!). You can also create staircases or tunnels using clay. Clay also makes an excellent form of mortar for making fences, gates and doorways. For the latest video from Mojang on how to make a staircase from clay, click here. Clay as a building material Besides being a good form of building material, clay can also be used as a way to add colour to your environment. From fences to walls and roofs, clay can be used in many ways. For the best uses of clay, watch our guide to Making a Terrarium and this fun Minecraft game!

Clay as armour

Clay as armour

Clay armour is pretty useful. You can get up to three different sets for free! Your first set will come with 10 armours for free. All you need to do is start the armour, then place it in your character’s inventory and right-click it. This will make it appear in your inventory. Clay as pigments Clay pigments come in a variety of different colours! It can be used to add new pigments to the items that you own. To place these into your inventory, right-click any item in your inventory. Clay can be removed from the inventory with the left mouse button, and you can find it in the default easter egg stash (useful if you want to make your own). Clay for particle effects Creating and firing a clay bullet is a simple thing to do.


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