How To Find Jobs In A Zip Code

You can get tired of living in the same city and sometimes you long for a change. But this change must be carefully orchestrated so as not to become catastrophic because you do not change cities easily and one of the major difficulties remains finding a good job in a specific area zip code and there are few ongoing recruitment applications in Nigeria, you can check recruitment form portal to apply today.

You’ll need find out the zip code of your new location, for this, you have to enter the complete address of your home so that your product can reach your address easily. You can also ask for zip code zip code and postal code to fill it.

That is why you need to know about the postal code. What is the postal code in this post ?  The answer to all such questions will be found completely here.

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Where and how does  postal code work?

The postal code is a 6 digit that represent a particular geographical area, this six digit contains letters and punctuation in some cases, the complete Geo information of the area is confided in this 6 digit values, we can easily find the complete zip code details of the area in which we need by doing a simple google search.

Here are five tips on how to best find a job in the city where you want to settle.

1. Change the location of your profiles on professional networks.

If you are in the process of moving and if you don’t keep this change of location a secret, then you have to pretend that you already live there. So by changing your location on LinkedIn or Indeed, you will be visible to recruiters looking for a profile similar to yours in your new city. Again, don’t do this if you need to keep this research confidential.


2. Join user groups in your new region .

User groups on professional networks allow you to quickly connect with many people living in the same city and working in the same industry as you. This obviously applies more easily to large cities (where your sector will necessarily be represented) but you can also find such groups in smaller cities. Once you have joined these groups, try to contribute to the discussions, identify people who work in companies that interest you and introduce yourself to those you want to meet – for more information, for example.

And if your employers and / or coworkers don’t know you’re looking for a new job, you can always hide membership in these groups in your settings.


3. Select 5 companies in which you want to work.

You can’t afford to sit around and wait for the right job opportunity to arise. You have to look for it. To do this, you need to select the companies you would like to work for and seek to contact them through employees who currently work there. Explain to them your situation and especially the reasons why you would be effective in this structure. Remember that your honesty will always be rewarded and you also need to tell them what you are looking for while working for them.


4. Be clear in your cover letter.

Employers sometimes feel that every cover letter is just an adaptation of a template and perceive that there is no background. To allay their doubts and fears, be clear: state precisely why you are moving and your motivations for this position and this company.


5. Find a company in the city you are moving to that operates in the industry in which you want to work.

Recruiters are always looking for new people to hire and you are one of the people who can be hired but have an advantage because recruiters in this city don’t know you yet. And if you have undeniable skills for a specific position, find the company that can allow you to make the most of them. At worst, the company you have contacted will be able to give you a typology of the sector in the city, which will allow you to continue your research. At best, you will have found a good job – since you chose it. And how better to start a new life in a new place than with a good job  ?

How to know the postal code of Job area?

It is very simple to know the postal code or zip code of any area and you can find out the postal code of your area very easily.

zip code finder

First of all, open a browser in your phone or laptop and search in Google, you can find it by entering Postal code Nigeria and your area name, for example you can search for npower portal zipcode and apply for the job application, otherwise you can check directly from our website kidsof88 After visiting website you can find your country, city, You can easily remove the postal code by entering the district, or your address.

Nsit Atai L.G.A Zip Codes

Nsit Atai L.G.A Zip Codes

Nsit Atai Local government area in Akwa Ibom State was created in 1996 with Odot being the headquarters by the then president Ibrahim Babangida former President of Nigeria. Nsit Atai L.G.A Zip Codes are listed below.

District: Eastern Nsit

Adia Nsit 521108
Akpang Offop 521108
Etobodom 521108
Ibakang 521108
Ibedu 521108
Ibiakpan 521108
Idiaba 521108
Idifa 521108
Idikpa 521108
Idikpa Ikot Ntung 521108
Ikot Abasi 521108
Ikot Abiaenyie 521108
Ikot Abiyan 521108
Ikot Akpabio 521108
Ikot Akpan Ike 521108
Ikot Asua 521108
Ikot Ebita 521108
Ikot Edebe 521108
Ikot Edong 521108
Ikot Eket 521108
Ikot Ekpot 521108
Ikot Esen 521108
Ikot Esop 521108
Ikot Essien 521108
Ikot Inyang 521108
Ikot Itie-Udong 521108
Ikot Mkpo 521108
Ikot Nkpene 521108
Ikot Ntuen 521108
Ikot Obong 521108
Ikot Otu 521108
Ikot Ubok Udom 521108
Ikot Udofia 521108
Ikot Ukpong 521108
Ikot Uyo Nsit 521108
Iwok Atai 521108
Iwok Nsit 521108
Iwok Obio Aduang 521108
Nda Nsit 521108
Ndisiak 521108
Ndon Ekpe 521108
Ndon Ikot Itie-Udung 521108
Ndon Omun 521108
Odot No.1 521108
Odot No.2 521108
Odot No.3 521108
Okoro Atai 521108
Okoro Nsit 521108
Ubetim 521108
Udofia 521108
Unyehe Nsit 521108


Etim Ekpo L.G.A Zip Code

Ibesikpo Asutan L.G.A Zip Codes

Ini/Ikono L.G.A Zip Codes

Mbo L.G.A Zip Codes

Mbo L.G.A Zip Codes

Mbo L.G.A Zip Codes

Mbo is an Ibibio Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State. Here is Mbo L.G.A Zip Codes.

District: Afaha Okpo

Ekiebong 523113
Eyo Efai 523113
Eyo Ukut 523113
Ibete 523113
Ibuet Ikot 523113
Uba 523113
Ubotuong 523113
Udini 523113
Udombo 523113
Udung Eyo Adaeba 523113
Uko Akpan 523113

District: Effiat

Akpa Nkanua 523114
Akwa Obio Effiat 523114
Asiok Obufa 523114
Esuk Anwang 523114
Ibuot Utan 523114
Ine Inua Abasi 523114
Inua Abasi 523114
James Town 523114
Mbe Ndoro 523114
Obio Iyata 523114
Obong Nim 523114
Usuk Effiat 523114
Utan Antai 523114
Utan Brama 523114
Utan Udombo 523114
Utang Efiong 523114


Esa Ekpo 534109
Ibekwe-Akpan Nya 534109
Ibiaku Esa Ekpo 534109
Ikot Abasi Akpan 534109
Ikot Abia Enin 534109
Ikot Aka 534109
Ikot Ata/Nung Ikono 534109
Ikot Ekpenyong. 534109
Ikot Idiong 534109
Ikot Itina 534109
Ikot Ntot 534109
Ikot-Akpabong 534109
Ikot-Ebak 534109
Minya Ntak 534109
Ndot/Abat Nya 534109
Nya Odiong 534109

District: Ikpa Ibom

Atanuk 534111
Ekim 534111
Ibiotio 534111
Ikot Aba 534111
Ikot Akata 534111
Ikot Akpa-Ekop 534111
Ikot Akpabio Ukam 534111
Ikot Akpaden 534111
Ikot Akpan Ukam 534111
Ikot Ayan 534111
Ikot Edim 534111
Ikot Edong Ukam 534111
Ikot Ekong 534111
Ikot Ekpang 534111
Ikot Enin 534111
Ikot Etefia Ukam 534111
Ikot Eto 534111
Ikot Iseghe 534111
Ikot Obio Ekpong 534111
Ikot Obio Ndoho 534111
Ikot Obio-Akai 534111
Ikot Okop – Odong 534111
Ikot Oyoro 534111
Ikot Ukwa 534111
Ikotn Inyang-Okop 534111
Ndom Gbodom 534111
Ndom Ibotio 534111
Obioete 534111

District: Ikpo Ikono

Ini/Ikono L.G.A Zip Codes

Asana 534110
Ekpuk 534110
Ibianga 534110
Iffe 534110
Ikot Abia-Utok 534110
Ikot Afang 534110
Ikot Eda 534110
Ikot Ekpaw 534110
Ikot Enyienge 534110
Ikot Esen Akpan Ntuen 534110
Ikot Mkpeye 534110
Ikot Obio-Nso 534110
Ikot Umiang 534110
Ikot Unya 534110
Iton 534110

District: Ukwong

Akai Ati 523115
Akai owu 523115
Akprang 523115
Eprang Udo 523115
Ibaka (Uda) 523115
Isong Inyang 523115
Kprang (Uda) 523115
Mkpang Utong 523115
Offi (Uda) 523115
Onukim (Uda) 523115
Osu Udesi 523115
Udung Eyo Unyenge 523115
Uke Nteghe 523115
Utit Atai Unyenge 523115

Ini/Ikono L.G.A Zip Codes

Ini/Ikono L.G.A Zip Codes

Ikono LGA is surrounded at the North by Ini Local Government Area, South by Abak and Uyo Local Government Areas, East by Itu and West by Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area.

Ini/Ikono L.G.A Zip Codes.


Aka EKpene

Aka EKpene 531117


Asantin Nquono 531106
Asanting Atan 531106
Asanting Ikot Efredie 531106
Asanting Obot-Obom 531106
Etok 531106
Ikono 531106
Itak Ikot Akpan Ndem 531106
Itak Ikot Udo 531106
Iton Odoro 531106
Mbio-Oku Ikot-Odung 531106
Oduk 531106


Afaha Ediene 531112
Aka Ekpene-Ikot 531112
Atai Obio Ediene 531112
Ayan 531112
Edem Iyere 531112
Ediene Atai 531112
Ekpene Ediene 531112
Etip Ediene 531112
Ibienang 531112
Idoro Ediene 531112
Ikot Antem 531112
Ikot Ediene 531112
Ikot Oku-Ediene 531112
Ikot Okubo 531112
Ikot Onwon Ediene 531112
Ikot Udo Enang 531112
Mbat Aka Ekpene 531112
Nnung Idio 531112
Osuk Ediene 531112
Udek Atai 531112
Usuk Obio Ediene 531112
Uyo Afaha Nkan 531112
Uyo Obio 531112


Asanting Utit Ikpe 531101
Edem Idim Ibakesi 531101
Ikot Ubeng 531101
Ikot Udo Asan 531101
Mbiakpa Ibakesi 531101
Nkwot Etok 531101
Usuk Ibaken 531101


Ibiaku Ata 531105
Ibiaku Ikot-Ukana 531105
Ibiaku Okpo 531105
Mbiabong Ikon-Ekpene-Oton 531105
Ndiya Mfia 531105

Ikono South

Asanga Usung 531113
Edem 531113
Eduo 531113
Ekang 531113
Ekpene Obom 531113
Esem-Udo 531113
Ibakasi-Ikot 531113
Ibakesi Ukpom Unya 531113
Ibakesi-Ikot-Mbiet 531113
Ikot-Ete Udoe 531113
Mbiabon Ikot-Ntia 531113
Mbiabong-Ukan 531113
Mfon 531113
Obom Nkwongo 531113
Ukopon 531113
Ukpim Ikot-Imo 531113
Ukpim Ikot-Inyang 531113
Ukpim Ita 531113
Ukpom Atai Ession 531113
Ukpom Ekpene 531113
Ukpom Ekpene-Inuen 531113
Ukpom Ibakesi-Ikot 531113
Ukpom Ikot Akpakpam 531113
Ukpom Ikot Anwana 531113
Ukpom Ikot Anwana Abasi 531113
Ukpom Ikot Edem Udo 531113
Ukpom Ikot Ekem 531113
Ukpom Ikot Etim 531113
Ukpom Ikot Ntuen 531113
Ukpom Ikot Nya 531113
Ukpom Ikot Nyoho 531113
Ukpom Ikot Odung 531113
Ukpom Ikot Okure 531113
Ukpom Ikot Udo 531113
Ukpom Ikot Udo Nke 531113
Ukpom Nung Eduo 531113


Akpayak Ikpe 531109
Ebam Edek 531109
Esiyere 531109
Ibam Edet 531109
Ibam Obot Enen 531109
Ikot Osom Ikpe 531109
Mbaiabet Ikot 531109
Mbiabet Ikot 531109
Mbiabet Ikot Efa 531109
Mbiabet Ikot Oton 531109
Mbiabet Ikot Udo-Uba 531109
Mbiabet Ikot-Udo 531109
Mbiabet Otung 531109
Mbiabet-Eyehedia 531109
Ndot Ikpe 531109
Nna Enin 531109
Nsit Ikpe 531109
Oniong Ono 531109
Usung Ita 531109


Afaha Itak 531119
Afaha Obio-Enwang 531119
Ekpemiong 531119
Ikot Akpan Odung 531119
Ikot Eduek Itak 531119
Ikot Efre Itak 531119
Ikot Ekpan Odung 531119
Ikot Ide Itak 531119
Ikot Inyang-Itak 531119
Ikot Udofia Itak 531119
Itak 531119
Nung Okoro 531119
Nung Udoe Itak 531119
Obio Itak 531119
Obot Etim 531119
Odung Itak 531119
Ukap Ekpan Itak 531119
Ukpap Ikot Idang 531119
Ukpapa Itak 531119

Itu Mbonuso

Ananammong 531116
Ibo 531116
Ikot Esien 531116
Ikot Nta 531116
Ikporom 531116
Mkpu 531116
Nchana Ebua 531116
Obot Ndom 531116
Ogu 531116


Edem Urua 531110
Ikweme 531110
Mbiabong 531110
Nturi 531110
Obotme 531110
Okpoto 531110
Ukpa Okon 531110

Mbiabon G. I.

Ibisikpo Ikot Udo 531104
Iden Udo 531104
Ikot Akpan Ntim 531104
Mbiabong Ekpip 531104
Mbiabong Ikot Akpan 531104
Mbiabong Ikot Etefia 531104
Mbiabong Oku Ikot- Abasi 531104
Mbiabong Ukan Ikot 531104
Mbiabong Ukan Ikot-Nung 531104
Mbiafun Ikot Ntia 531104

Mbiabong II

Afaha Ikot Akpan-Edu 531108
Aka Ekpene 531108
Eminang 531108
Ikot Akpa Edu 531108
Itak Edem Isa 531108
Itak Ikot Obio 531108
Mbiabong Ikot Eminang 531108
Mbiabong Ikot Etim 531108
Mbiabong Ikot Udo 531108
Mbiabong Ikot Udofia 531108
Mbiabong Mbat 531108
Mbiafun Eyehe Adia 531108
Mbiafun Ikot Abasi 531108
Mbiafun Mmananu 531108
Mbiafun Ubot Oko 531108
Ndinya Ikot Imo 531108
Nung Oku 531108
Oku Ikot Edaha 531108


Mbiafun 531107

Akwa Ibom State Zip Codes


Ibiaku Ikot Edet 531118
Ibok Ndiya 531118
Ikot Abasi Ndiya 531118
Ikot Akpa Edet Ndiya 531118
Ikot Akpa Edok 531118
Ikot Akpa Ekpuk 531118
Ikot Akpa Idem Ndiya 531118
Ikot Akpan 531118
Ikot Akpan Ndiya 531118
Ikot Akpayara Ndiya 531118
Ikot Anyan Ndija 531118
Ikot Enua 531118
Ikot Etefia-Ndiya 531118
Ikot Idaha 531118
Ikot Nto Ndiya 531118
Ikot Obio Edi 531118
Ikot Offiong Ndiya 531118
Ikot Udu Ndiya 531118
Mbi akpa Ndiya 531118
Nkara Obio 531118


Anwafia 531115
Ibono Okporo 531115
Ibono Usuk 531115
Ikot Akpan 531115
Ikot Offiong 531115
Ikot Uko 531115
Mbento 531115
Obong 531115
Offufa 531115
Ubie Nkene 531115

All 36 States in Nigeria Zip Codes


Abak Ikot Akpan-Oduot 531111
Edem Edet 531111
Esien 531111
Idem 531111
Ikot Abia 531111
Ikot Akpa Isiak 531111
Ikot Akpan 531111
Ikot Enie 531111
Ikot Idomo 531111
Ikot Nkwo 531111
Ikot Nseyen 531111
Ikot Nya 531111
Ikot Obio-Ata 531111
Ikot Obok 531111
Ikot Okpon 531111
Ikot Udo 531111
Ikot Umo 531111
Inyang 531111
Nko 531111
Nkwot Ikot Akpan 531111
Nkwot Ikot Apan 531111
Nung Eyio 531111
Nung Imo 531111
Nung Inuen 531111
Okpoto 531111


Akpa-Etok 531114
Essien 531114
Etefia 531114
Mbiafan Nkwono 531114
Mkpe 531114
Ndiya Etok 531114
Nung Ukem-Ikot-Udom 531114
Nung Ukim Ikot 531114
Nung Ukim Ikot-Okori 531114
Nung Ukim Ikot-Uko 531114
Nung Ukin Ikot Abia 531114

Odoro Ikpe

Ekoi Atan Ubom 531102
Ekoi Eben Obom 531102
Ekoi Ikot Abia 531102
Ekoi Ikot Ebom 531102
Ekoi Ikot Nyoho 531102
Ekoi Ikot Ofon 531102
Ekoi Ikot Udofe 531102
Ibam Ukwot 531102
Ibiono Ewuro 531102
Ikot Ukpong 531102
Ikpe Ikot Nkon 531102
Itie Ikpe 531102
Nkana Ikpe 531102
Odoro Ikpe 531102


Aba Itiat 531103
Anwa Urua 531103
Asanting Obot Obom 531103
Atan 531103
Edem Akai 531103
Ibesikpo Edem Idem 531103
Iko Atia 531103
Ikot Abasi 531103
Ikot Akpan 531103
Ikot Andem 531103
Ikot Ata Udo 531103
Ikot Awa 531103
Ikot Ede 531103
Ikot Edem 531103
Ikot Emem 531103
Ikot Ese 531103
Ikot Obio Asang 531103
Ikot Ubam 531103
Ikot Udo Ata 531103
Ikot Udo Eboho 531103
Ikot Uno 531103
Iton Mong 531103
Ukwok Ikot Idut 531103
Usuk Idim 531103