Taking responsibility for your collective failures

God this, God that. Will y’all just shut up and start taking responsibility for your collective failures as citizens of a nation?

Is Nigeria the only country that claims to know God? Why must we always shirk our responsibilities and when calamity strikes, we hope on God to fix man-made problems? Is that how to grow a nation?

Where did all these blind belief in spiritual solutions to physical problems originate from? Why are we so short-sighted, so myopic, so parochial in our thinking that we always feel helpless and leave everything to God once a tragedy strikes, while the instigators of such tragedy go scot-free?

How do we grow as a nation when there’s zero accountability and the safety culture is zilch? Why are we always quick to resort to divine intervention even when it’s glaring those calamities can be prevented by humans?

Where things work, there’s a culture of shared responsibility, where heads roll once things go wrong and proper investigations are carried out and culprits punished. Where everything isn’t politicised and made to dissolve into a tribal squabble.

A man, due to his negligence, causes the death of a 13 month old toddler. Instead of us calling on the authorities to take the man to task and demand for justice, we play the sentiments card and call God into it.

Mass killings occur somewhere in the country, instead of the authorities fishing out the perpetrators of such crime, we instead are asked to pray while others see it as an ample opportunity to play divisive politics.

Tell me, are there no extant laws in place that prohibits the hauling of highly flammable fuel products by tankers during rush hours? If there are, why the brazen disregard for such laws and why is nobody held accountable for breaking such laws?
Are we only good in prayers and no action to further the actualisation of such prayers? Do other nations pray their way to greatness?

When the C-in-C of a country advises that the only solution to our man-made woes is to pray harder, then we know we have an enormous problem on our hands. If we needed a prayer warrior, I think we would have elected a prophet to lead us.

Let’s stop with this faux prayer disposition and learn to take responsibilities in this country. That’s when we can only begin to build a viable nation. Until then, we’re still a bunch of jokers.

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