Nagging, one of the characteristics hard to cope with

Most people, especially our ladies, always have that nagging feeling that we perfectionists and “OCD patients” are difficult to cope with. But I don’t think so. What we need is just understanding.

There is nothing difficult about expecting that when we come back home, the bed should still be in a pristine state, with all the pillows, throw pillows, duvets and blankets in the same EXACT position they were when we left home in the morning.

So, often what we do is that when we are approaching home, we give you advanced notice that we will be back in, say, 30 minutes.

That is to allow you enough time to get your eyes off that Zeeworld screen and put that ruffled bedding ( and the entire apartment) in place even before we get home. Not too hard, is it?

There is nothing difficult about us expecting that when you finish using the gas cooker in the kitchen, it should be cleaned and wiped until it looks brand new, with every bit of food crumbs scraped off the top.

There is nothing difficult about us expecting that not even one grain of sand, or any form of dirt and impurities, be found on the floor at any point in time during the day.

All food crumbs should be picked as soon as they are dropped and the affected place wiped clean, with hypo or detergent if necessary.

What is difficult about us expecting that the match box (or lighter) should be kept at the same exact spot always, not one inch or millimeter farther? You know this helps if we are coming in late at night and need to lay our hands on it to light the candle, right?

Again, there is nothing difficult about us expecting that the toothpaste should, as a matter of fact, always be pressed from the bottom up. Not the middle, not from the tip. From the bottom, ALWAYS.

How on God’s earth is it being difficult when all we need is that when flushing the toilet, make sure not even a single strand of used toilet tissue is found floating? Flush a hundred times if you have to, but we do not want to open the toilet bowl and behold any form of flotsam and jetsam.

And lest we forget, the toilet lid should ALWAYS be kept down AT ALL TIMES and the tissue paper should be cut along the perforated lines ALWAYS.

Now lets move on. Is it difficult to expect that when cooking, you should be cleaning alongside too? That is, that AT THE EXACT TIME you are done cooking, the kitchen should not be different from when you started?

No, don’t say you will clean later. Please, clean as you cook. That isn’t hard, is it?

Which one is difficult, is it we insisting that all clothes should be neatly arranged inside the wardrobe in hangers and the rest neatly folded?

Or the fact that we expect that the window blinds should not be haphazardly twisted but neatly held together in place by a clip when you are trying to let fresh air into the room? Is that difficult?

We don’t consider us being difficult when all we ask for is that all shoes, from bathroom flip-flops to those prized stilettos, should be neatly arranged on the shoe rack each time you are back, no matter how tired you are.

Or the fact that we expect all used plates and dishes to be washed after use. That isn’t being difficult, is it?

How is it being difficult when all we expect is that everything you touch or use around the apartment should be returned or left at the exact place you met them?

It’s not like we are asking for the sun or moon o. These are just the basic things we expect. Or, are they too much to ask for?

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