IGP “transmission” speech critic

Those of you saying we shouldn’t satirise the IGP’s poor handling of his “transmission” speech because of his alleged dyslexic condition, are you now saying students shouldn’t be held responsible for their poor oral performance during presentations and that they should be excused because they could be suffering from dyslexia?

Must we always find a way to explain away things in this country, however obnoxious they are?

For those who say the video was doctored by some unscrupulous elements to deride the office of the IGP, I put it to you that I’ve just watched the “undoctored” version of the same video and, to tell you the truth, it’s as bad as the alleged doctored one.

Judging by a litany of videos I’ve seen on YouTube today, It’s very clear the IGP has issues with public presentations and comportment in general.

It’s sad that the calibre and crop of leaders we choose to man our national institutions have proven consistently to be the stock of comedy circuses.

The IGP’s latest speech gaffe is a testament to that. And since it seems we have a shortage of intelligent and articulate humans to man our national institutions, at least let’s find succor in the fact that they provide us with daily comedy fodder to weather the daily struggles we’re stuck in. It’s good for the health.

Meanwhile, let’s keep transmitting the transmission and kidnap the recommendation of the transmission transmission, sorry, recommendation, in the police force.

Have you watched the video?

What do you make of it?

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