The State Akwa Ibom was created by General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida on September 23, 1987 during his Military Administration. This state was created out of the then Cross River State.


Majority of people are predominantly Christian. There are five main ethnic groups of the state which are:


Also in the State Includes the Efik brothers and sisters from Cross River State, they speak various version of the Efik-Ibibio Language, which was noted belongs to the Benue–Congo language family, this forms part of the Niger–Congo group of languages.

Despite the homogeneity of the state, no central government was found among the people now known and called Akwa Ibom State with prior to the then British invasion in 1904. Contrary, the Annang, Efik, Oron and Ibibio were all autonomous group of people.

Despite the invasion of many Scottish missionaries that arrived Calabar in 1848, and Ibono in 1887, the British missionaries were not able to firmly establish control over the area until 1904. In the year 1940, the Enyong Division was created which represents the area of the current state of Akwa Ibom, with headquarters located at Ikot Ekpene LGA, an Annang city as denoted by the Africanist Kaanan Nair, as the capital city of cultural and political zone of Annang and Ibibio.

The first creation of Enyong Division allowed the various ethnic groups to come together. This created an opportunity and avenue for the creation of the Ibibio Welfare Union, which was later renamed as Ibibio State Union.

The social organization was established first as a local development forum for educated people and groups who were mapped out from the colonial administration in 1929. However, most historians have always pointed to this union to have buttress their argument about the homogeneity of groups in the area.

The Obolo Union, was comprising of the Ibono and Andoni stock, this was another strong socioeconomic and cultural group that thrived  very firmly in the region. The Ibono group had fought wars to maintain their uniqueness, strong identity and territory in the then region more than any other group.

Akwa Ibom state was created in the year 1987,  then Uyo was chosen as the state capital because it is assume to be located in the middle of all other L.G.A to spread development and resources to all regions of the state.