Doing the unusual – I feel used right now

So, it happened that over the weekend, I unmounted my 32 inches TV and took it for repairs after it developed what turned out to be a backlight fault: a problem engendered by our recent power fluctuations.

The technician at the LG showroom I visited checked it and told me it will cost me 25k. I didn’t know when my jaws dropped in shock. I mean, this was against the 10k price they fixed same issue for my neighbour two months ago at the same place.

He went on to explain that the new price regime was as a result of HQ’s new policy of installing new backlights for customers that had similar issues, instead of the previous policy where they simply repaired the faulty one.

I accepted the explanation and proceeded to bargain the price down a bit. We finally arrived at a 15k deal and he told me to make payment. I told him I had to use the POS as I wasn’t with cash. He said the repairs and servicing section doesn’t accept other means of payment apart from cash or transfers. I opted for the transfer method and he gave me an account number, thereafter which I made a 10k transfer to.

He told me to come pick it up on Monday (today). However, later in the evening of same Saturday, he called me and announced he’d been done with my work same day and that he tried calling me, but my number wasn’t going through.

I replied it could have been a network issue and that I wish he got through to me then, as I was eager to have the telly back over the weekend. Since they don’t open on Sundays (the following day [yesterday, that is]), he told me to come this morning.

Then, he insisted over the phone that I send the balance of payment (5k) to him before coming on Monday to pick the telly. I told him I can’t complete payment without assessing the job done. He hung up.

This morning, as early as 6am, he called me again and told me they will be opening by 9am, and that I should come and get it as early as then. I told him no problem. He further insisted I make the transfer before coming. I still told him again I can’t complete payment without checking the quality of job done. This time, i hung up on him.

At this point, I was getting a bit worried about his insistence on my completing payment before coming. Something just didn’t seem right.

When I got to the showroom this morning, he grudgingly brought out the telly and tested it for me to see it’s working fine. After confirmation, I proceeded to ask him for the details of the account to enable me make the transfer. He said he can’t discuss anything with me there as there were cameras everywhere, saying that’s why he wanted me to complete the transaction before coming.

That’s when it dawned on me that this guy just did this work for me illegally, bypassing the company’s accounting system.

Now, I’m not saying he shouldn’t have found a way to make a side hustle, augmenting his pay with his skills in this crazy economy. All I’m worried about is that he should have at least informed me he was gonna use a backdoor channel to work out my issues.

He should have allowed me decide if I wanted to follow his side deal or work with official company protocols. The problem in all this is that if there’s an issue with this repairs tomorrow, I can’t make a formal complaint to the showroom if he wouldn’t/couldn’t sort out the issues.

Now, I feel used and extorted from since he’s basically overcharged me for a service that the company isn’t aware of. And now that he said he can’t deal with me now as there are cameras everywhere, I’m contemplating two things: either I wait him out until we both can sort this out quietly as gentlemen, or I activate my street sense and simply walk back in there and grab my telly and bounce.

Something tells me he would be wise enough not to create a scene by challenging me to balance him his illicit payment if i choose the latter option.

Or what do you think?

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