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How To Find Jobs In A Zip Code

You can get tired of living in the same city and sometimes you long for a change. But this change must be carefully orchestrated so as not to become catastrophic because you do not change cities easily and one of the major difficulties remains finding a good job in a specific area zip code and there are few ongoing recruitment applications in Nigeria, you can check recruitment form portal to apply today.

You’ll need find out the zip code of your new location, for this, you have to enter the complete address of your home so that your product can reach your address easily. You can also ask for zip code zip code and postal code to fill it.

That is why you need to know about the postal code. What is the postal code in this post ?  The answer to all such questions will be found completely here.

jobs zip code

Where and how does  postal code work?

The postal code is a 6 digit that represent a particular geographical area, this six digit contains letters and punctuation in some cases, the complete Geo information of the area is confided in this 6 digit values, we can easily find the complete zip code details of the area in which we need by doing a simple google search.

Here are five tips on how to best find a job in the city where you want to settle.

1. Change the location of your profiles on professional networks.

If you are in the process of moving and if you don’t keep this change of location a secret, then you have to pretend that you already live there. So by changing your location on LinkedIn or Indeed, you will be visible to recruiters looking for a profile similar to yours in your new city. Again, don’t do this if you need to keep this research confidential.


2. Join user groups in your new region .

User groups on professional networks allow you to quickly connect with many people living in the same city and working in the same industry as you. This obviously applies more easily to large cities (where your sector will necessarily be represented) but you can also find such groups in smaller cities. Once you have joined these groups, try to contribute to the discussions, identify people who work in companies that interest you and introduce yourself to those you want to meet – for more information, for example.

And if your employers and / or coworkers don’t know you’re looking for a new job, you can always hide membership in these groups in your settings.


3. Select 5 companies in which you want to work.

You can’t afford to sit around and wait for the right job opportunity to arise. You have to look for it. To do this, you need to select the companies you would like to work for and seek to contact them through employees who currently work there. Explain to them your situation and especially the reasons why you would be effective in this structure. Remember that your honesty will always be rewarded and you also need to tell them what you are looking for while working for them.


4. Be clear in your cover letter.

Employers sometimes feel that every cover letter is just an adaptation of a template and perceive that there is no background. To allay their doubts and fears, be clear: state precisely why you are moving and your motivations for this position and this company.


5. Find a company in the city you are moving to that operates in the industry in which you want to work.

Recruiters are always looking for new people to hire and you are one of the people who can be hired but have an advantage because recruiters in this city don’t know you yet. And if you have undeniable skills for a specific position, find the company that can allow you to make the most of them. At worst, the company you have contacted will be able to give you a typology of the sector in the city, which will allow you to continue your research. At best, you will have found a good job – since you chose it. And how better to start a new life in a new place than with a good job  ?

How to know the postal code of Job area?

It is very simple to know the postal code or zip code of any area and you can find out the postal code of your area very easily.

zip code finder

First of all, open a browser in your phone or laptop and search in Google, you can find it by entering Postal code Nigeria and your area name, for example you can search for npower portal zipcode and apply for the job application, otherwise you can check directly from our website kidsof88 After visiting website you can find your country, city, You can easily remove the postal code by entering the district, or your address.

The thought of men’s dos on their special day

I dunno about other men, but one of the things I dread most about marriage celebrations (both traditional and church weddings) is that part where the new couple has to come out and display their dance skills.

Now, I might not be a terribly awful dancer, judging by my lithe and flexible physique, but I’m definitely not one given to much public display of acrobatic calisthenics in the name of dance.

I once attended a wedding where the groom was tasked to dance and cover a certain distance to meet his bride. At some point, It was obvious to all present that dude was as stiff and rigid as one of Okorocha’s statues.

Try as he may, he just couldn’t whip up enough moves and steps to bridge the gap between him and his bride. Even the usual back and forth, sideways sways most terrible dancers employ to mask their awkwardness didn’t do it for him, as the MC insisted he go down and show some real moves. When it became obvious dude was making a big mess of himself, a friend had to intercede to smoothen things out.

And some MCs can be very wicked. They know you’re as stiff as a rod, yet they’ll insist you must dance until you embarrass yourself and ancestors in the process.

I’ve known guys with incredible moves that will make Michael Jackson green with envy, but I’ve also seen those who give Al Gore hope on the dance floor. I think I fall somewhere in between the two.

My dread of the dance session in a marriage celebration is the reason I’ll always opt for the parlour TM setting, and I pray the bride buys the idea when that time comes. Everything is summarised and we disperse, to go start making babies.

But in the worst case scenario, where I can’t control this aspect of the celebrations; where we opt for the very open sort of TM and wedding celebrations, I wouldn’t mind hiring a dance instructor; someone to put me through the latest dance moves: from yahooze to etighi to alanta to azonto to shoki and every move in between.

You see, I cannot allow the wifey sweat it out all alone, while I’m busy bumbling around like a fool, shaming my lineage in the process. I gotta be able to match her step for step, moves for moves.

Now, if you’re a professional dance instructor, get ready because I soon MIGHT need your services on this regard. It would be an added advantage if you reside in my location, as it will cut off some of the logistical issues distance could create.

For men who like to do – A must read

Last night, my neighbour got more than he bargained for. He invited a new girl to his apartment. Meanwhile, he has a neighbourhood fcukmate who, according to him, has always craved an upgrade in role to a full timer. A deal he’s refused to ratify.

Now, they’ve been having issues for a while, obviously him trying to do away with her quietly without raising much ruckus. According to him, they haven’t been talking for the past two weeks, and he was thinking he’s finally free of the shackles of the home based side kick.

Just as he was about to go pick up his new conquest, the neighbourhood girl came around, ostensibly to iron thinks out, and maybe scoop some make-up s ex while at it.

Dude, understandably, didn’t want any of this inopportune visit, and promptly told her off. She ignored his protestations, and instead went inside to have a shower and change into something light, ready for the night.

Meanwhile, my guy’s new crush was already in the vicinity, and was ringing up dude to come pick her up to the house. It was obvious a mild drama was unfolding.

Caught between an old and new fcuk, and unable to think on his feet, my guy had no option but to go pick up the new bae, setting the stage for either a romantic threesome, or a disastrous head-breaking session. Talk of a menage a trois.

New bae came around, and he quickly alerted her of the development, insisting she’s just a neighbourhood crush who needs more than just a passing fling, and that she, the newbie, was the best thing since sliced bread. He pled her to maintain her cool, and everything would be fine.

I dunno if he himself actually believed that tall tale because, according to him, when they got into bed, he sought to cuddle the new girl, totally ignoring Miss homebase. Homebase, however, wouldn’t have none of that and snuggled up close to cuddle him too, getting him trapped in the middle of two voluptuous women.

He managed to extricate himself and cajole the new girl into going into the bathroom with him for a “talk”. The talk degenerated into a series of moans and purrs, and when they were finally spent, they stumbled out into the room, only to discover that Hell had no fury like a woman scorned.

Turns out Miss homebased, having eavesdropped and discovered they managed to go behind her to have a fcuk-a-thon in the bathroom, had already snuck into the kitchen, armed herself with a table-knife and ready to do some damage: a #revolution was in the offing.

Being a woman-mountain, she managed to pin my guy down under the pretext of wanting to have a talk with him, only to drag out the knife and aim for his chest.

Dude was fast to flip her over, dive to the ground and rush inside the kitchen and barricade himself with the other girl, screaming as he fled.

He ended up spending the night holed up in the kitchen, and only texted me this morning to fish out his spare key and get into his room to talk sense into the now passive estranged partner.

I had to employ some diplomatic dexterity in persuading the spurned ex-lover to drop her weapon and leave the house.

It was not until she finally left that my guy came out of his hideout with the new girl, looking all confused and visibly shaken.

Turns out all occupations have their hazards, including brostitution. This guy nearly got martyred last night.

Bad way to start the new month. I just hope he’s learnt his lessons.

For people with traits of perfectionism that borders on OCD

For those of us with traits of perfectionism that borders on OCD, the daily struggle for order and organization can be very real: you wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind is the state of the apartment.

While other sane individuals can afford to keep the bed unmade all day and allow the dust particles rest in peace on the sofa, your case is truly different: the bed has to be ALWAYS made, with the edges in total symmetry and alignment. As for the dust particles, what are they doing there?

The floor has to be swept so clean that not even an errant grain of sand is found anywhere; the kitchen sink has to be empty AT ALL TIMES; the toilet? Well, you could probably have a meal in there any time of the day.

Problem, however, usually starts when you get into a relationship with a scatter lout.


That’s when you behold the semblance of perfection you’ve built around you start to crumble before your very eyes:

While you arrange and try to create order, they revel in chaos and disorganization;

While you manage to clear the kitchen sink from one end, they fill it up from the other end;

While you try to neatly fold and keep the clothes in the wardrobe where they truly belong, they ensure a sizable amount, including errant underwear, are littered around;

While you neatly press the toothpaste from the bottom up as normal humans should do, they leave a mangled wreck in their wake each time they use it;

While you ensure the toilet lid is down at all times, they don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s up or down.

At this point, you’re literally losing control of your world, and your mind.

Now, two things are involved here: it’s either you reach for a compromise, adjust to the new reality and suck it up or you knock yourself out, literally.

While some perfectionists, like me, manage to adjust and accommodate the new reality, occasionally quietly cleaning after messy partners without raising a fuss, the majority end up losing their sanity, and either lash out at the slightest indiscretion or retreat into their shell and allow all Hell to break loose around them while they quietly sulk at the unfolding dystopia.

Dad, for example, belonged to the second category, intrinsically unable to stomach any act of disorganization in his existence. When it became obvious he was outnumbered and a lone voice in the order wilderness, he slowly crept back into his shell and let things be. I’m not sure if he was ever truly happy afterward, though, what with all the craziness going on all around him.

Now, back to us: For those with traits of perfectionism, have you ever been in a relationship with someone with a polar view of what constitutes domestic order? How did you keep your sanity and the relationship?

For others not so afflicted with the curse of perfectionism, have you ever been in a relationship with someone so pedantic and attentive to domestic detail, they drove you nuts? How did you handle them and the relationship?

Nagging, one of the characteristics hard to cope with

Most people, especially our ladies, always have that nagging feeling that we perfectionists and “OCD patients” are difficult to cope with. But I don’t think so. What we need is just understanding.

There is nothing difficult about expecting that when we come back home, the bed should still be in a pristine state, with all the pillows, throw pillows, duvets and blankets in the same EXACT position they were when we left home in the morning.

So, often what we do is that when we are approaching home, we give you advanced notice that we will be back in, say, 30 minutes.

That is to allow you enough time to get your eyes off that Zeeworld screen and put that ruffled bedding ( and the entire apartment) in place even before we get home. Not too hard, is it?

There is nothing difficult about us expecting that when you finish using the gas cooker in the kitchen, it should be cleaned and wiped until it looks brand new, with every bit of food crumbs scraped off the top.

There is nothing difficult about us expecting that not even one grain of sand, or any form of dirt and impurities, be found on the floor at any point in time during the day.

All food crumbs should be picked as soon as they are dropped and the affected place wiped clean, with hypo or detergent if necessary.

What is difficult about us expecting that the match box (or lighter) should be kept at the same exact spot always, not one inch or millimeter farther? You know this helps if we are coming in late at night and need to lay our hands on it to light the candle, right?

Again, there is nothing difficult about us expecting that the toothpaste should, as a matter of fact, always be pressed from the bottom up. Not the middle, not from the tip. From the bottom, ALWAYS.

How on God’s earth is it being difficult when all we need is that when flushing the toilet, make sure not even a single strand of used toilet tissue is found floating? Flush a hundred times if you have to, but we do not want to open the toilet bowl and behold any form of flotsam and jetsam.

And lest we forget, the toilet lid should ALWAYS be kept down AT ALL TIMES and the tissue paper should be cut along the perforated lines ALWAYS.

Now lets move on. Is it difficult to expect that when cooking, you should be cleaning alongside too? That is, that AT THE EXACT TIME you are done cooking, the kitchen should not be different from when you started?

No, don’t say you will clean later. Please, clean as you cook. That isn’t hard, is it?

Which one is difficult, is it we insisting that all clothes should be neatly arranged inside the wardrobe in hangers and the rest neatly folded?

Or the fact that we expect that the window blinds should not be haphazardly twisted but neatly held together in place by a clip when you are trying to let fresh air into the room? Is that difficult?

We don’t consider us being difficult when all we ask for is that all shoes, from bathroom flip-flops to those prized stilettos, should be neatly arranged on the shoe rack each time you are back, no matter how tired you are.

Or the fact that we expect all used plates and dishes to be washed after use. That isn’t being difficult, is it?

How is it being difficult when all we expect is that everything you touch or use around the apartment should be returned or left at the exact place you met them?

It’s not like we are asking for the sun or moon o. These are just the basic things we expect. Or, are they too much to ask for?

To date or not to date? Question answered

Okay, straight to the point. Dating costs money, whether we accept it or not.

A lady might be the cool-headed type and not make demands in a relationship, but in the long run, the guy, if he truly cherishes her, will be obligated to make her happy, probably get her little gifts once in a while, take her out for dinner and movies and occasionally top up her phone airtime, not to talk of the regular calls he’s bound to be making to maintain the romantic connection.

By and large, all these little expenses add up and cost money. Money that, for the most part, isn’t available.

If the guy doesn’t have the wherewithal to fulfill these little obligations, she might not overtly complain, but it’s surely going to impact negatively on his self-esteem, and ultimately, on the relationship.

Most guys, especially the unemployed/underemployed and students, are perennially broke, especially under this buharinomics . Forget the social media-influenced flashy exterior we see on here.

Deep down, they know they won’t be able to match their pockets with their online flash-in-the-pan charm. So, instead of allowing their delicate ego be battered by “see finish”, they’d rather skirt around the dating game, choosing to stay non-committal in the long run.

Ever wondered why most guys these days repeatedly see a girl beam the greenlight and they repeatedly ignore the greenlight? Mind you, that guy ain’t that dense. He knows he’s expected to react positively, but his bank account is saying otherwise. He’ll rather jejely respect himself and stay on his lane.

Even that charming guy who got your number two months ago but has failed to call. Or the one who actually called but has repeatedly failed to honour the “let’s hangout one of these days” hookups he’s always proposed? Both guys probably fully understand what happens when that dating process is kick-started.

It’s a downward slide. He’ll rather stay on his own with his reps and self-esteem intact than go through the process of suffering another person’s daughter unduly and end up battering his carefully crafted image.

Most often, the only time he’ll try his hands on the dating game is when he happens to come into some errant money. Then, with newfound confidence, he’ll feel the urge to h00k up and try a few dates. Trust me, don’t get carried away, baby, because that sudden interest is seasonal, and, once the small cash dries off, Bobby will go back to his usual self, leaving you high and dry, wondering if you’re still in a relationship or not.

Truth is, except it’s in a long-term, mature relationship, it’s sometimes hard for most men to disclose or be plain about their true broken financial state to a crush or new date and still manage to keep their self-esteem intact. By definition, men always like being in charge and that entails being seen as financially capable in a relationship. Once they’ve lost that sense of financial capability, you see them start acting like neon lights, blinking in and out of the relationship.

Even when the lady tries to understand, it still doesn’t change the fact that, deep down, he’s starting to feel insecure and less of a man. He’ll rather opt out and be left alone that subject another person, and himself, to unnecessary poverty-induced situationship.

So ladies, when next you see that guy you’ve been greenlighting forever, still fooling around, seemingly not getting the subtle message you’re sending, don’t think he doesn’t like you or not interested in a relationship with you. Chances are he is, but his brokenness just won’t allow him to be great. He knows that, in the long run, without the necessary financial muscle to pull his weight around, he’ll feel emasculated.

No guy wants to be caught up in that situation. None.

Debates and public discourse approach in this part of the world

We have a lot to unlearn in this country, and that includes the way we approach debates and public discourse.

Someone makes a post that runs contrary to a typical Nigerians worldview and learning, but instead of the responder to counter with a superior, fact-based argument , he or she would rather allow their emotions override their thought processes and end up vilifying the person instead of attacking the issue at hand.

Cursing someone and pouring invectives on them simply because they stand on the opposite side of the argument on, say, surrogacy or in vitro fertilisation, doesn’t advance the argument and consolidate your stance. Instead, it makes both the peddler of the false logic and you trying to counter them with curses, operate at the same base level of intellect.

I guess this kind of flawed manner of debating is a direct by-product of our public educational system, where most people hardly ever engaged in cerebrally-tasking debates that emphasised a focus on attacking the issues, not the person.

Most of us hardly ever engaged in debates and public speaking while in school. I mean intellectual debates that neither pander to emotions nor are fuelled by raw feelings. Hence, the natural inclination to resort to atavistic attacks on individuals rather than focus on the issues of the argument.

And until we learn to argue dispassionately with facts and sound logic, instead of pandering to our subliminal impulse to attack others with differing views, our discussions on pertinent issues will always be nothing short of a rigmarole.

Does age really matter? A must read

It’s much easier to lie and reassure ourselves that in amorous relations, especially in deeply patriarchal settings such as ours, age doesn’t matter. Deep down, we know it does, but in a bid not to appear old-fashioned, we try to gloss over it.

If it truly doesn’t, then how come most men feel a bit edgy and inadequate when they ASSUME a lady they are dealing with is much older than they are, especially if the said lady has a larger body size and frame in comparison to the man? And how come such edginess disappears immediately the man gets to know she’s only bigger in body size but small in age?

Also, how come most women will try to downplay their demeanor and personality if their body size gives the impression they are way older than the man, only for them to act ‘normal’ when it becomes clear the man is actually way older than they are?

See the subtle age dynamics that gets played each time we meet someone newly?

I once dated an older lady, and even though I tried to act all normal on the outside, there were always times when I wonder if what she said or did, especially in a fit of anger, could have been influenced by the fact that she feels I am a ‘small boy’.

These thoughts will always come and go, fake it as you want. And if she naturally has a domineering personality, over time, you start feeling emasculated.

Now, while this is an obvious truth, the issue is that it is now in our place in relationships not to allow it affect how we deal with the other person in the relationship. And that’s where mutual understanding and maturity comes into play. If you are both understanding and mature, you will come to agree that age, indeed, is just a number.

Where both of these attributes are lacking, however, it’s only a matter of time before things unravel, and then the once easy-going man starts seeing the woman as a cougar, while his family goes up in arms against “that old cargo that has bewitched our son with kobnomi”.

Taking responsibility for your collective failures

God this, God that. Will y’all just shut up and start taking responsibility for your collective failures as citizens of a nation?

Is Nigeria the only country that claims to know God? Why must we always shirk our responsibilities and when calamity strikes, we hope on God to fix man-made problems? Is that how to grow a nation?

Where did all these blind belief in spiritual solutions to physical problems originate from? Why are we so short-sighted, so myopic, so parochial in our thinking that we always feel helpless and leave everything to God once a tragedy strikes, while the instigators of such tragedy go scot-free?

How do we grow as a nation when there’s zero accountability and the safety culture is zilch? Why are we always quick to resort to divine intervention even when it’s glaring those calamities can be prevented by humans?

Where things work, there’s a culture of shared responsibility, where heads roll once things go wrong and proper investigations are carried out and culprits punished. Where everything isn’t politicised and made to dissolve into a tribal squabble.

A man, due to his negligence, causes the death of a 13 month old toddler. Instead of us calling on the authorities to take the man to task and demand for justice, we play the sentiments card and call God into it.

Mass killings occur somewhere in the country, instead of the authorities fishing out the perpetrators of such crime, we instead are asked to pray while others see it as an ample opportunity to play divisive politics.

Tell me, are there no extant laws in place that prohibits the hauling of highly flammable fuel products by tankers during rush hours? If there are, why the brazen disregard for such laws and why is nobody held accountable for breaking such laws?
Are we only good in prayers and no action to further the actualisation of such prayers? Do other nations pray their way to greatness?

When the C-in-C of a country advises that the only solution to our man-made woes is to pray harder, then we know we have an enormous problem on our hands. If we needed a prayer warrior, I think we would have elected a prophet to lead us.

Let’s stop with this faux prayer disposition and learn to take responsibilities in this country. That’s when we can only begin to build a viable nation. Until then, we’re still a bunch of jokers.

It seems Nigerians have a PhD in emotional blackmail

So, I am currently caught up in this crazy logjam and this tricycle guy drives recklessly and ends up using his bumper to violently kiss the rear of this very sleek car.

Both the other driver and the tricycle guy immediately jump out to inspect the damage. Turns out his recklessness has resulted in some serious dent on this otherwise pricey car.

Tricycle man immediately goes down on bended knees, with volleys of seemingly rehearsed apologies dropping out of his mouth, his countenance switched to faux contrition mode. The other driver, however, wouldn’t have any of this chicanery, recognising it for what it is. He vehemently tells him to stop grovelling and start discussing how to fix the car dent.

Other motorists and passers-by are now encircling them, with some peering to catch a glimpse of the impact area, while others are already joining the apology chorus with the keke man, appealing to the other man’s conscience.

After a while, the general mood changes, as some of the hitherto begging bystanders are now loudly accusing the offended driver of being too hard-hearted for not listening to the almost hour-long pleas of the small begging crowd.

Sentiments and emotional blackmail are already creeping in, it seems.

Turns out it’s roundly expected that since this offending keke guy has already begged the other one, it automatically behoves of the one offended to forgive and let go, irrespective of the damage done. When it seems he wouldn’t budge, he is automatically made to feel like the aggressor instead of the victim.

I didn’t wait to see how the whole drama played out, but it goes to show how we easily pander to emotional blackmail in this part of the world, ditching rights in favour of sentiments, and making victims look like bullies just because we feel we should deploy emotional guilt-tripping in everything we do.