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Brief History Of Akwa Ibom State

Brief History Of Akwa Ibom State

The State Akwa Ibom was created by General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida on September 23, 1987 during his Military Administration. This state was created out of the then Cross River State.


Majority of people are predominantly Christian. There are five main ethnic groups of the state which are:


Also in the State Includes the Efik brothers and sisters from Cross River State, they speak various version of the Efik-Ibibio Language, which was noted belongs to the Benue–Congo language family, this forms part of the Niger–Congo group of languages.

Despite the homogeneity of the state, no central government was found among the people now known and called Akwa Ibom State with prior to the then British invasion in 1904. Contrary, the Annang, Efik, Oron and Ibibio were all autonomous group of people.

Despite the invasion of many Scottish missionaries that arrived Calabar in 1848, and Ibono in 1887, the British missionaries were not able to firmly establish control over the area until 1904. In the year 1940, the Enyong Division was created which represents the area of the current state of Akwa Ibom, with headquarters located at Ikot Ekpene LGA, an Annang city as denoted by the Africanist Kaanan Nair, as the capital city of cultural and political zone of Annang and Ibibio.

The first creation of Enyong Division allowed the various ethnic groups to come together. This created an opportunity and avenue for the creation of the Ibibio Welfare Union, which was later renamed as Ibibio State Union.

The social organization was established first as a local development forum for educated people and groups who were mapped out from the colonial administration in 1929. However, most historians have always pointed to this union to have buttress their argument about the homogeneity of groups in the area.

The Obolo Union, was comprising of the Ibono and Andoni stock, this was another strong socioeconomic and cultural group that thrived  very firmly in the region. The Ibono group had fought wars to maintain their uniqueness, strong identity and territory in the then region more than any other group.

Akwa Ibom state was created in the year 1987,  then Uyo was chosen as the state capital because it is assume to be located in the middle of all other L.G.A to spread development and resources to all regions of the state.

Ikot Ekpene L.G.A Town Zip Codes

Ikot Ekpene L.G.A Town Zip Codes

Ikot Ekpene L.G.A, also popularly known as The Raffia City, is an historic town in south-southern region of Akwa Ibom State. It is known as the political and socio-cultural capital of all the Annang ethnic group in Nigeria.

Ikot Ekpene


Abak Ifia
Abiakpan Ikot Irem 530102
Abiakpo Ntak-Inyang 530102
Adaratak 530102
Ata Essien Mbiaso 530102
Ibong Ikot Akan 530102
Ikot Akpan-Abia 530102
Ikot Ediet 530102
Ikot Enwang 530102
Ikot Obong Otoro 530102
Ikot Osura 530102
Ikot Otu 530102
Ikot Uboh 530102
Ikot Udo Osung 530102
Mbiaso Ikot Uso-udo 530102
Mbiaso Nto-Obio Ekong 530102
Nbo Obodom Ibiaso 530102
Nyara Enyin-Ntong Uno 530102

Uyo Towns and Villages  Zip Codes

Ikot Ekpene Urban

Abak Oko 530101
Abiakpo Edem Idim 530101
Abiakpo Ikot Essien 530101
Akanaan 530101
Ibiakpan 530101
Ibiakpan Ikot 530101
Ibiakpan Nto Akan 530101
Ibiakpo Edem Idim 530101
Ibong Nto Akan 530101
Ifuho 530101
Ikot Abia Idem 530101
Ikot Idem 530101
Ikot Inyang 530101
Ikot Obong Edong 530101
Ikot Out 530101
Ikot-Ekpene-Village 530101
Ikotobio Okpon 530101
Itak Ikot Udo-Okop 530101
Ndem Ekpot 530101
Nkap Ikot Obio Ebok 530101
Nsiak 530101
Obioekere 530101
Uruk Uso 530101
Utu Edem Usung 530101
Utu Ikot Ekpenyong 530101
Utu Ikot Essien 530101
Utu Ikpe 530101

List of 31 LGA in Awa Ibom State

All Local Government and Villages in Akwa Ibom State

Uyo Area and Town Zip Codes

Uyo Area and Town Zip Codes

Area: Iboko

 Streets            Zip Code
Abak Rd. 520261
Akpan Essien Rd. 520261
Akpata St. 520261
Eka St. 520261
Ekpong St. 520261
Faith Rd. 520261
Idiam St. 520261
Idoro Ipo Abak Rd. 520261
Ikot Ekpene St. 520261
Oku St. 520261
Udo Obio St. 520261
William Bassey Rd. 520261

Area: Catholic Secretary

 Streets            Zip Code
Affau St. St. 520221
Akpabio Books Rd. 520221
Akpan St. 520221
Ekpeyong St. 520221
Ekpo Obot St. 520221
Gibbi St St. 520221
Paul Bassey St. 520221
Plateau Rd. 520221


Area: Itiam Ikot Abia Postcode

 Streets            Zip Code
Aka Rd. 520241
Ake Itiam Rd. 520241
Ata Inim St. 520241
Etoi St. 520241
Etuk St. 520241
Idem St. 520241
Inim Etok Akpan St. 520241
Iwe St. 520241
Johnston St. 520241
Nyong Essien St. 520241
Obio Imo St. 520241
Oniong St. 520241
Pauline St. 520241
Udo Ekpo Inyang St. 520241
Udo Ofong Ubo St. 520241
Umuan St. 520241
Yoruba Rd. 520241

Area: Akpan St.

 Streets              Zip Code
Akpan St. 520222

List of all the LGA in Akwa Ibom State

Area: Uyo Market

 Streets  Zip Code
Akpan 520251
Chief Ekepnyong St. 520251
Enoidem St. 520251
Etinan Rd. 520251
Etok St. 520251
Itiam St. 520251
Itiam Lane 520251
Jubilee School Rd. 520251
Nsentip St. 520251
Nsit Lane 520251
Odosen Nkahia St. 520251
Port Harcourt St. 520251
Udo Eduok St. 520251
Udo Ekong St. 520251
Ukana Offot St. 520251
Yoruba Rd. 520251
 Streets  Zip Code
Akpan 520251
Chief Ekepnyong St. 520251
Enoidem St. 520251
Etinan Rd. 520251
Etok St. 520251
Itiam St. 520251
Itiam Lane 520251
Jubilee School Rd. 520251
Nsentip St. 520251
Nsit Lane 520251
Odosen Nkahia St. 520251
Port Harcourt St. 520251
Udo Eduok St. 520251
Udo Ekong St. 520251
Ukana Offot St. 520251
Yoruba Rd. 520251

Area: Housing Estate Ewet

 Streets    Zip Code
Akpan Efuk St. 520231
Atakpe St. 520231
Ewet St. 520231
Oron Rd. 520231
Udo Obot St. 520231
Udosien Uko St. 520231

Area: School Of Art and Science

 Streets  Zip Code
Akpan Idiok St. 520271
Ekong Essian St. 520271
Ekpon Rd. 520271
Ikot Ekpene Rd. 520271
Ikpa Rd. 520271
Itam Rd. 520271
Onyong Udo St. 520271
Udo Ekong St. 520271
Uko Essiat Rd R 520271

Area: Faha Oku Akpon

Asutan St. 520211
Barracks Rd. 520211
Effiong Udo Akpan St. 520211
Eka St. 520211
Ekong Utana St. 520211
Plateau Rd. 520211
Udo Otong Ubo st. 520211
Udo st. 520211
Umoren st. 520211

Area: Military Office Iba Oku

 Streets  Zip Code
Barracks Rd. 520212
Old Stadium Rd.    520212

List of All the Local Government Area In Akwa Ibom State

List of All the Local Government Area In Akwa Ibom State

1 Abak
2 Eastern Obolo
3 Eket
4 Esit Eket
5 Essien Udim
6 Etim Ekpo
7 Etinan
8 Ibeno
9 Ibesikpo Asutan
10 Ibiono Ibom
11 Ika
12 Ikono
13 Ikot Abasi
14  Ikot Ekpene
15 Ini
16 Itu
17 Mbo
18 Mkpat Enin
19 Nsit Atai
20 Nsit Ibom
21 Nsit Ubium
22 Obot Akara
23 Okobo
24  Onna
26 Oruk Anam
27 Udung Uko
28 Ukanafun
29 Uruan
30 Urue-Offong/Oruko
31 Uyo

The List of 31 LGA and Villages in Akwa Ibom State

The List of 31 LGA and Villages in Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom is an oil producing state in Nigeria. The state is located in the southern coastal  part of the country. It has 31 LGA’s and with many towns and villages. The list below is the town and villages in Akwa Ibom State.

The following are LGA arranged alphabetically.

List of Towns and Villages in Abak LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Eastern Obolo LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Eket LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Esit Eket LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Essien Udim LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Etim Ekpo LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Etinan LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ibeno LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ibesikpo Asutan LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ibiono Ibom LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ika LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ikono LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ikot Abasi LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ikot Ekpene LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ini LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Itu LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Mbo LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Mkpat Enin LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Nsit Atai LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Nsit Ibom LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Obot Akara LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Okobo LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Onna LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Oron LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Oruk Anam LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Udung Uko LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Ukanafun LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Uruan LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Urue-Offong/Oruko LGA
List of Towns and Villages in Uyo LGA

History Of Nigeria and its 36 States and Capitals

History Of Nigeria and its 36 States

Nigeria is a West African country located on the Gulf of Guinea, she is known to has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. The country has 36 states and their capital.

The History Of Nigeria States and The F.C.T

Brief History Of Abia State
Brief History Of Adamawa State
Brief History Of Akwa Ibom State
Brief History Of Anambra State
Brief History Of Bauchi State
Brief History Of Bayelsa State
Brief History Of Benue State
Brief History Of Borno State
Brief History Of Cross River State
Brief History Of Delta State
Brief History Of Ebonyi State
Brief History Of Edo State
Brief History Of Ekiti State
Brief History Of Enugu State
Brief History Of Gombe State
Brief History Of Imo State
Brief History Of Jigawa State
Brief History Of Kaduna State
Brief History Of Kano State
Brief History Of Katsina State
Brief History Of Kebbi State
Brief History Of Kogi State
Brief History Of Kwara State
Brief History Of Lagos State
Brief History Of Nasarawa State
Brief History Of Niger State
Brief History Of Ogun State
Brief History Of Ondo State
Brief History Of Osun State
Brief History Of Oyo State
Brief History Of Plateau State
Brief History Of Rivers State
Brief History Of Sokoto State
Brief History Of Taraba State
Brief History Of Yobe State
Brief History Of Zamfara State
Brief History Of FCT

All the 36 States In Nigeria and their Zipcodes

All the 36 States In Nigeria and their Zipcode


Abia State 440001
Abuja FCT  900001
Adamawa    640001
Akwa-Ibom  520001
Anambra    420001
Bauchi     740001
Borno      600001
Cross-River 540001
Delta      320001
Ebonyi     840001
Edo        300001
Enugu      400001
Imo        460001
Jigawa     720001
Kaduna     800001

Nigeria has 36 different states and their capital.

Kano       700001
Katsina    820001
Kebbi      860001
Kogi       260001
Kwara      240001
Lagos, Island 101001
Lagos, Mainland 100001
Niger      920001
Ogun       110001
Ondo       340001
Osun       230001
Oyo        200001
Plateau    930001
Rivers     500001

There are top Cities in Nigeria.

Sokoto     840001
Taraba     660001
Yobe       320001

The thought of men’s dos on their special day

I dunno about other men, but one of the things I dread most about marriage celebrations (both traditional and church weddings) is that part where the new couple has to come out and display their dance skills.

Now, I might not be a terribly awful dancer, judging by my lithe and flexible physique, but I’m definitely not one given to much public display of acrobatic calisthenics in the name of dance.

I once attended a wedding where the groom was tasked to dance and cover a certain distance to meet his bride. At some point, It was obvious to all present that dude was as stiff and rigid as one of Okorocha’s statues.

Try as he may, he just couldn’t whip up enough moves and steps to bridge the gap between him and his bride. Even the usual back and forth, sideways sways most terrible dancers employ to mask their awkwardness didn’t do it for him, as the MC insisted he go down and show some real moves. When it became obvious dude was making a big mess of himself, a friend had to intercede to smoothen things out.

And some MCs can be very wicked. They know you’re as stiff as a rod, yet they’ll insist you must dance until you embarrass yourself and ancestors in the process.

I’ve known guys with incredible moves that will make Michael Jackson green with envy, but I’ve also seen those who give Al Gore hope on the dance floor. I think I fall somewhere in between the two.

My dread of the dance session in a marriage celebration is the reason I’ll always opt for the parlour TM setting, and I pray the bride buys the idea when that time comes. Everything is summarised and we disperse, to go start making babies.

But in the worst case scenario, where I can’t control this aspect of the celebrations; where we opt for the very open sort of TM and wedding celebrations, I wouldn’t mind hiring a dance instructor; someone to put me through the latest dance moves: from yahooze to etighi to alanta to azonto to shoki and every move in between.

You see, I cannot allow the wifey sweat it out all alone, while I’m busy bumbling around like a fool, shaming my lineage in the process. I gotta be able to match her step for step, moves for moves.

Now, if you’re a professional dance instructor, get ready because I soon MIGHT need your services on this regard. It would be an added advantage if you reside in my location, as it will cut off some of the logistical issues distance could create.

For men who like to do – A must read

Last night, my neighbour got more than he bargained for. He invited a new girl to his apartment. Meanwhile, he has a neighbourhood fcukmate who, according to him, has always craved an upgrade in role to a full timer. A deal he’s refused to ratify.

Now, they’ve been having issues for a while, obviously him trying to do away with her quietly without raising much ruckus. According to him, they haven’t been talking for the past two weeks, and he was thinking he’s finally free of the shackles of the home based side kick.

Just as he was about to go pick up his new conquest, the neighbourhood girl came around, ostensibly to iron thinks out, and maybe scoop some make-up s ex while at it.

Dude, understandably, didn’t want any of this inopportune visit, and promptly told her off. She ignored his protestations, and instead went inside to have a shower and change into something light, ready for the night.

Meanwhile, my guy’s new crush was already in the vicinity, and was ringing up dude to come pick her up to the house. It was obvious a mild drama was unfolding.

Caught between an old and new fcuk, and unable to think on his feet, my guy had no option but to go pick up the new bae, setting the stage for either a romantic threesome, or a disastrous head-breaking session. Talk of a menage a trois.

New bae came around, and he quickly alerted her of the development, insisting she’s just a neighbourhood crush who needs more than just a passing fling, and that she, the newbie, was the best thing since sliced bread. He pled her to maintain her cool, and everything would be fine.

I dunno if he himself actually believed that tall tale because, according to him, when they got into bed, he sought to cuddle the new girl, totally ignoring Miss homebase. Homebase, however, wouldn’t have none of that and snuggled up close to cuddle him too, getting him trapped in the middle of two voluptuous women.

He managed to extricate himself and cajole the new girl into going into the bathroom with him for a “talk”. The talk degenerated into a series of moans and purrs, and when they were finally spent, they stumbled out into the room, only to discover that Hell had no fury like a woman scorned.

Turns out Miss homebased, having eavesdropped and discovered they managed to go behind her to have a fcuk-a-thon in the bathroom, had already snuck into the kitchen, armed herself with a table-knife and ready to do some damage: a #revolution was in the offing.

Being a woman-mountain, she managed to pin my guy down under the pretext of wanting to have a talk with him, only to drag out the knife and aim for his chest.

Dude was fast to flip her over, dive to the ground and rush inside the kitchen and barricade himself with the other girl, screaming as he fled.

He ended up spending the night holed up in the kitchen, and only texted me this morning to fish out his spare key and get into his room to talk sense into the now passive estranged partner.

I had to employ some diplomatic dexterity in persuading the spurned ex-lover to drop her weapon and leave the house.

It was not until she finally left that my guy came out of his hideout with the new girl, looking all confused and visibly shaken.

Turns out all occupations have their hazards, including brostitution. This guy nearly got martyred last night.

Bad way to start the new month. I just hope he’s learnt his lessons.

For people with traits of perfectionism that borders on OCD

For those of us with traits of perfectionism that borders on OCD, the daily struggle for order and organization can be very real: you wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind is the state of the apartment.

While other sane individuals can afford to keep the bed unmade all day and allow the dust particles rest in peace on the sofa, your case is truly different: the bed has to be ALWAYS made, with the edges in total symmetry and alignment. As for the dust particles, what are they doing there?

The floor has to be swept so clean that not even an errant grain of sand is found anywhere; the kitchen sink has to be empty AT ALL TIMES; the toilet? Well, you could probably have a meal in there any time of the day.

Problem, however, usually starts when you get into a relationship with a scatter lout.


That’s when you behold the semblance of perfection you’ve built around you start to crumble before your very eyes:

While you arrange and try to create order, they revel in chaos and disorganization;

While you manage to clear the kitchen sink from one end, they fill it up from the other end;

While you try to neatly fold and keep the clothes in the wardrobe where they truly belong, they ensure a sizable amount, including errant underwear, are littered around;

While you neatly press the toothpaste from the bottom up as normal humans should do, they leave a mangled wreck in their wake each time they use it;

While you ensure the toilet lid is down at all times, they don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s up or down.

At this point, you’re literally losing control of your world, and your mind.

Now, two things are involved here: it’s either you reach for a compromise, adjust to the new reality and suck it up or you knock yourself out, literally.

While some perfectionists, like me, manage to adjust and accommodate the new reality, occasionally quietly cleaning after messy partners without raising a fuss, the majority end up losing their sanity, and either lash out at the slightest indiscretion or retreat into their shell and allow all Hell to break loose around them while they quietly sulk at the unfolding dystopia.

Dad, for example, belonged to the second category, intrinsically unable to stomach any act of disorganization in his existence. When it became obvious he was outnumbered and a lone voice in the order wilderness, he slowly crept back into his shell and let things be. I’m not sure if he was ever truly happy afterward, though, what with all the craziness going on all around him.

Now, back to us: For those with traits of perfectionism, have you ever been in a relationship with someone with a polar view of what constitutes domestic order? How did you keep your sanity and the relationship?

For others not so afflicted with the curse of perfectionism, have you ever been in a relationship with someone so pedantic and attentive to domestic detail, they drove you nuts? How did you handle them and the relationship?