Month: May 2019

A list of “dos” and “don’ts” for women’s appearance

Yesterday, my good friend, came up with a list of “dos” and “don’ts” for men’s appearance. After going through the list, and the accompanying reactions, I had to admit she and the majority of mostly women folks had some valid point about male personal hygiene.

However, in a bid to balance out the equation and account for both gender inclusiveness, I’ve decided to draft out our own list as to what we expect from the women folk when it comes to personal hygiene:

1) it would greatly help if you ladies periodically change your hairdo and thus eliminate the stench that comes from carrying a single hairdo for 3 months and counting. The odour, especially when mixed with sweat, can give serious migraine to those around you.

2) be aware of when those synthetic eyelashes have outlived their usefully, and take them off accordingly. We can’t be looking at your face while your lashes are drooping all over your eyes. Creepy!

3) if you’re coming over for a visit and a headgame is in the offing, ensure each time you visit the convenience for a pee session, you not only use the tissue to clean off after, but also use water beforehand. Tissue alone doesn’t do the work perfectly, please.

4) We know you love your black bra(s), but can you help us and our unborn generation and soak it in warm, soapy water after every other day? Just as you advise us to not repeat our boxers, we’ll appreciate if you do same to that strappy underwear, too. Same applies to hair nets.

5) finally, always ensure your made-up face complexion matches your neck and the surrounding areas. It’s sometimes a turn off when we have to deal with a fairer than fair face with a chocolate torso. Keep it light and even, please.

Thank you for your understanding.