Month: January 2019

How technology has changed over the years

Rarely did we have a technology that got invented and is as versatile. It came around and displaced (or hastened the displacement of) a plethora of other technologies before it. Just name them:
the camera;
the video recorder/camcorder;
the audio recorder;
the calendar;
the ( bedside) alarm clock;
the traditional notepad;
the stop watch;
the torch;
the traditional pen and paper letter writing;
the postal services;
the radio;
the traditional book;
traditional maps;
cyber cafes;
and a host of other technological relics too numerous to mention here.

While it usefully has been indisputable, if anything, as evidenced from the horde of stand-alone technological devices/services it has supplanted, it also means more people have suddenly woken up to the realisation that their source of living has been taken over (or greatly eroded) by a single device.

Do you still remember which antediluvian locker that prized Sony camera of yours is now abandoned? Pray, when last did you visit that cyber cafe where you opened your first Facebook account back in 2009? What happened to all those post office employees at NITEL? What happened to those guys who made a living selling four-battery radio players and torch by the corner shop in your part of town? When last did you visit a bookshop to purchase a traditional paperback?

Except those people segued into other areas to make a living or upgraded their skills to fit into the new information technology environment, it’s likely they fell back either into the labour market or the spiralling poverty cycle.

Skills acquisition and constant knowledge updating is the way of the future. Don’t be too secure and comfy in your current position. Be prepared for the constant change that is part of human existence.

Your current comfortable job may be taken over by a robot tomorrow. What are you doing to prepare for when that change eventually comes?

Be prepared now. Learn a new skill today. Whatever new skill isn’t a waste. Improve and expand upon your current knowledge base. Be better prepped for tomorrow.

The world isn’t static. Don’t be.