Month: December 2018

Christmas gift exchange for all our readers

It’s Christmas time and what better way to celebrate the season and end of the year than exchange gifts with friends you’ve met here and who have helped shape your life in one way or the other this year.

Now, the rules are simple: comment a gift item you’ll like to gift out. Not necessarily something expensive. Could range from something as small as a tie, recharge card (mention amount), book, or shirt to something as big as a car or landed property.

The first person to indicate interest under your comment gets the gift. Now, If the first person that indicates interest can’t get it due to logistical issues like distance and the cost of way billing, then the next commenter who’s closer to the gifter gets it and you move on to another comment thread.


Everybody that participates MUST be a giver and not just a receiver. If you’ve been slated down to receive a gift and after going through the comments, I discover you didn’t offer any gift to anyone in return, I’ll personally instruct your benefactor to withhold your gift until you do the needful.

Pledging of gift items ends by 6pm, thereafter beneficiaries can go ahead to claim their gifts. The time is to allow me to go through the comments and fish out those who only want to receive without gifting in return. Thus, no one should gift out any item to any beneficiary until after 6pm when pledging ends.

My gift item will be buried somewhere in the comments.

NB: You can only get one single gift item from an individual. No need jumping from one comment thread to another. However, those who gift more than one item are free to receive from others each time they make a fresh donation.